Still Learning To See

A rush

The sun-powered rush to grow, bloom and reproduce is under full steam now with wave after wave of plants hoisting their flowers up to the wind and/or the pollinators and the eyes of those who are seeing.

They tempt with color—much of it invisible to my human eye—and scent and, for the insects, tiny magnetic vibrations based, in part, on the Earth’s iron core. Whole trees are alive with the sound of buzzing and whole neighborhoods dizzy with the scent of basswood, locust, linden.

So much I will never see even if I had several more lifetimes to watch. But here and now there is much to see and simply enjoy in the seeing, isn’t there?

I invite you to share this post with others you know who might enjoy it. They can easily sign up to be notified when I make a new posting under “about me and to follow this blog.” My intent is simply to share some of the many photographs I love and, by the way, you can find lots more in past posts and on my website, Still Learning to See. Thank you.

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2 thoughts on “A rush

  1. Dale Dailey on said:

    Your photos remind me of the amazing beauty and diversity of nature. Thanks for sharing.

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