Still Learning To See


In a world that too often seems to only be depressing—at least until I remember it is actually humans and our news that does the deed rather than the whole world—blooms pop up in our summer landscapes and provide delight every day. Blooms come in all sizes and shapes and colors, a miracle of life’s adaptations, changing every day.

When it has me down, I turn off the news and instead enjoy the blooms. Of course I’ll still keep up with the important events of human life, but I need to remember, while important, they are just a small part of the bigger world I live in.

I’m still learning to see that bigger world, the one that includes blooms.

There is a jewel in the center of life, if only we can see it. I’m still learning!
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2 thoughts on “Blooming

  1. Joanne P. Lattrell on said:

    Thank you for the reminder to stop and enjoy the beauty.

  2. Looks to me that you see just fine, John. Always love to see what you’re sharing.

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