Still Learning To See


I’ve had a great deal of fun—and learned a lot—lately by digging in my archives, all 100,000+ images. Many, of course, are destined for “delete,” but it has been great to find many I’ve never really spent much time with as well as others I just have not looked at recently.

It is also fascinating to see what I find of interest and how I photograph that. One result is I’m looking for both more of the same and new and different.

Of course I still love to see the slices of the “real world” all their abstract form.

I appreciate all the comments I get on this page. If you like what you see, please share the link with others who you think might also enjoy my work. There are also literally thousands of more images and stories both on my website and in the archives for this blog. You are welcome to enjoy any and all but please give me credit when you share them. All can also be printed if that is of interest. Thank you.

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2 thoughts on “Unearthing

  1. Dale Dailey on said:

    Beautiful, simply beautiful.

  2. Kate on said:

    Just beautiful! Each and every one in its own way. Pretty darn amazing! Thanks for sharing these~

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