Still Learning To See

Simply, absolutely amazing


Somehow it feels appropriate to share these three images today, one a hard rock and two Morning glory flowers. One is hard and common and, for all intents and purposes, everlasting, the others so transient one could ask why they even bother to bloom. All three are amazing and so easy to simply walk by with little or no regard.

This is the world we live in every day: it is simply amazing and, when we see it as such, it can absolutely amaze us.

We have a choice as to whether we recognize and respect it as amazing or leave it to time alone to determine what happens, both to us and this world.


Road cut jewels, Maple Corner, Vermont

From the outside, it was just a rock. Inside? An abstract of immense beauty! I am often asked “did you use PhotoShop to enhance that?” The short answer is “NO!” While I do make minor adjustments to my images in software, the resulting photographs compare accurately to what I saw at the time I made them. I’ve learned to look for and see the jewels in such places as this humble road cut and find ways to share them in my photographs.

Technical details: Sony @7 at 64mm and 1/160 at f/4.5 and ISO2500



Purple Morning Glory

Morning glory flowers are remarkable. They last just part of a day and now come in many shades of colors. The softness of this purple flower, photographed late in the summer as it twined up my front porch, is particularly enchanting.

Technical notes: Pentax K-7 digital camera with a Pentax zoom lens at 300mm (ISO400 @ 1/180 sec and f5.6).



Blue Morning Glory

I love the magical qualities of this photograph, the intensely soft blueness, the sharp, twisted bud and feeling of being in a whole separate reality.  I often have that feeling looking through the eyepiece but it doesn’t’ always translate to the resulting photograph quite so powerfully as it does here.

Technical notes: Pentax K-7 digital camera with a Pentax zoom lens at 190mm (ISO400 @ 1/350 sec and f8.0).


If you are not yet registered to vote, please do so today. If you know others who are not registered, please encourage them to do so, even giving them a ride to the clerk’s office if needed. And if your state allows voting by mail, please request a ballot now and vote for our amazing world in time for your vote to be counted. It will make a difference.

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