Still Learning To See

This Amazing World!

Here are all 21 of the images from my recently hung show at the Central Vermont Medical Center’s Art Gallery; the show will be up for approximately three months. Just click on any image to see it in a larger size.

“In these very challenging times I’ve been tempted often to just stay inside and forget the world exists, clearly a reaction to the pain so many are enduring at the moment.

Then I turn off my computer, take a deep breath, and open the door to a world that remains wonderfully and easily within reach…when I open my eyes to look. You know what? The world is not just about survival of the fittest. It is a world powered by the sun, functioning to perfection, and overflowing with diversity and interdependency. It is, in short, absolutely amazing!

Flowers, leaves, reflections on water, dazzling sunlight, things large and small—all have long been a part of this world we live in.  While days and dates seem to have recently lost so much meaning, the natural world—growing and changing every day—inspires me to keep wondering and wandering and seeing more. The Morning Glory blossom spends weeks growing until—voila—it opens in its full glory. Day after day, throughout the year, the beautiful impossibility of life unfolds.

Looking through the lens of a camera is an easy way to isolate small enough pieces of the immensity of life for me to be able to appreciate it more fully. And the invitation is always there to dive in more deeply, to better see and understand. On most days I am able to find a balance that refreshes my soul, not ignoring the news but remembering it is not all that exists. I am then able to return, inspired to take actions that can help us better find our real place in this amazing world.

I’ve been looking through the lens of a camera for over fifty years and find I’m still learning to see.”

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6 thoughts on “This Amazing World!

  1. Joanne P. Lattrell on said:

    Thanks, John for posting these inspiring photos.

  2. Dianne Shullenberger on said:

    Your writings as well as your photos are wonderful. I love the phrase powered by the sun. It does help to have these words fresh in our minds each day. Dianne

  3. nannus on said:

    I always get this amazement when I am looking through my microscope. You would enjoy microscopy as well. The shapes and colours and behaviours of all those microorganisms are truely amazing.
    The theoretical groundwork for modern microscopy was laid by Erns Abbe. His wife Elisabeth Marianne was a born Snell, daughter of the physicist, biologist and philosopher Karl Christian Philipp Snell (who, like Abbe, was Professor in Jena). I wonder if theses Snells might be related to you. Elisabeth Marianne Abbe is distantly related to me through her mother.

  4. Many thanks for this. I don’t know if I am related but will certainly investigate! And I agree that the view through a microscope is another look at how amazing the world it. Thank you!

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