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Truly…it is all just amazing!

Sometimes when I swat a mosquito away or flick an ant off my shirt, I stop to think about what an amazing little miracle the little critter is. Mow the lawn (I stopped mowing my yard 25 years ago) and know there is a world down there at least as complex as the one I walk through every day.

And being amazed is not just about small things. The acres of leaves on trees and huge patches of lichen growing on rocks are amazing when I just stop to see. Ice forming is not only a miracle of physics, it is one of the keys to the Earth being the way it is. Literally, no ice = no Earth.

I know I may sound like a broken record (if you remember what those are), and what else can I say: truly…it is all just amazing, this world we live in.

Here are three more images from my new show, recently hung at the Central Vermont Medical Center’s Art Gallery, just to get your mind swirling…and hopefully your feet moving to go out and see what you can be amazed by.


New Beech Leaves

I enjoy seeing beech trees throughout the year but the new leaves unfurling in the spring, May 23rd in this case, is a very special occasion. They don’t stay “perfect” for long as they are soon being nibbled by insects and torn by the wind and spring storms. I especially enjoy seeing these delicate forms lighted from the back, in this case by a sunlit group of leaves in the distance.

Technical notes: Pentax K-7 digital camera with a Sigma zoom lens at 260mm (ISO1600 @ 1/500 sec and f9.5).



Ice and water on rock with lichens, Iqaluit, Nunavut

As fall moves toward winter in the Arctic, water also begins to change to ice. I was fortunate to be on Baffin Island at such a time and see the incredible beauty that resulted as water flowed slowly over a lichen-covered rock. I could easily have spent the rest of my life in that time and place and never tired of what I was seeing!

Technical details: Minolta Dimage7i at 27mm and 1/125 at f/8.0 and ISO100



New Ice and Leaves of Grass

When new ice forms, the crystals are palpably thick and obvious. I made this photograph one December morning on a small pond near Montpelier. I love the contrast between the ice and the stem of dead grass frozen into the ice. It seemed to me to have the feel of an oriental painting.

Technical notes: Pentax K-7 digital camera with a Pentax zoom lens at 300mm (ISO400 @ 1/210 sec and f4.5).


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4 thoughts on “Truly…it is all just amazing!

  1. Yes, so many amazing things nearby. We only need to stop, see, and ponder. Thanks for your words and amazing photos.

  2. These are beautiful and the words with them are just as lovely. 🙂 This post calmed my running wild brain before my work week 🙂

  3. How have you been with the pandemic? I hope you are well. Sending prayers and positive thoughts. These are beautiful posts

  4. Thank you. Yes, this photograph has a similar effect on my brain. Enjoy.

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