Still Learning To See

Look up!


It is easy, when I’m absorbed in the day-to-day details of life, to walk along looking at the ground, actually not seeing much of anything at all. Yesterday the blue sky and billowing clouds of August demanded that I look up and allow myself to be overwhelmed with wonder of their beauty.



A walk in Maple Corner (above) and then another to the top of Barr Hill (below) reminded me of where I am in this world.


And the light at sunset…


… and then the nearly full moon cradled in the branches of a tree.


There are lots of clouds out there right now framed by a sky that is bluer than I can believe and tonight the moon is full, rising about 8:30 in the east. Enjoy looking up!



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9 thoughts on “Look up!

  1. ehwfram on said:

    Thank you for this…I’ve missed your posts and photos!

  2. Dianne Shullenberger on said:

    I love the moon through the trees. You do know how to sooth our souls. Dianne

  3. gypsysally on said:

    Absolutely stunning! The moon cradled in the branches of a tree made me stop in wonder. I look at clouds all the time and make up stories which change as quickly as the clouds. “A smoke ring day when the wind blows” (Neil Young) came to mind with this post.

  4. thnx John for these great photos. I especially like the moon cradled in the pine branches. Hope all is well with you, knee, ankles, etc. t

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