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In the garden again


Flowers and plants are such gifts. Years ago I swore I’d stop mowing a lawn. Now the entire yard is filled with flowers and wild areas where whatever wants to grow can. I love it. Much of it is also on a hillside making photography a pleasure! And making berries easy to pick too!



One of the joys of being in the garden is observing the insects, both the ones that are enjoying eating my plants (there are enough for all of us), and those that eat other insects. Pollinators too and butterflies—all such important parts of the wheel of life.


As we are finally discovering, these little critters are not only essential to OUR lives but their disappearance is a sign of what we, as larger critters, are also facing. Gardens are a great place to listen and learn, much more that the beauty that is so obvious and alluring.


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2 thoughts on “In the garden again

  1. Veer Frost on said:

    Exquisite, the green and white form like a leaf in half-chlorophyll stage is like an abstract painting! Thank you!

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