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Thank you…

If I’m honest, I must admit to having allowed myself to be held hostage emotionally since November 2016. I know I’m not alone in feeling depressed about the conditions we find ourselves in on Planet Earth.

This morning a Ruby-throated Hummingbird on the Jewelweed in the backyard reminded me that how I feel if much less important than sharing what I see of this amazing world of ours. Reading the headlines is important, but only if balanced with the marvel of that impossible little bird darting from flower to flower every single day.

So thank you for your patience with my lack of posts here. I hope they can help remind us all of the reality that is beyond the headlines.

Over the next several days I’m pleased to share with you some the plants blooming in our gardens these past few weeks, all good reminders there is more to life than headlines.

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8 thoughts on “Thank you…

  1. Veer Frost on said:

    Beautiful close views of species, I think including heavenly gentian, thank you. The damage to nature being carried out since 2016 is being quite as forcefully answered through the legal system (go, Earthjustice!), so that is something to hold to, along with hummingbirds!

  2. Barbara Burnett on said:

    Hummingbird came in beauty to rekindle the inimaginable depth of your heart-love for the earth and all of her creatures. I, too, often get overwhelmed by the headlines. (“Head” lines, indeeed!) My mind closes down in fear. But if I let my mind rest and simply observe nature, the chirping birds, the glorious flight of a Monarch butterfly in the gathering dusk, and the cool breath of the breeze on my face brings me back to myself–and to my heart–and to peace. Love for the earth is, after all, why we care.

  3. I too have been held hostage emotionally since 2016. Glad I have the garden to pull me back to joy. I find comfort in your blog posts with gorgeous photos and words!

  4. You have managed to catch the delicateness of each petal in your photos. They are amazing!

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