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Trees moving in the wind


The winds last week across much of the Midwest and Northeast were remarkable, both for their speed and their duration over three days. A new February record was set on nearby  Mount Washington at 171mph, leaving the all time record from April 1934 still standing at 231mph.


We don’t usually see these kinds of sustained winds in Vermont. Drifting in the higher elevations and open farmland reminded me of what we used to regularly see along the eastern shores of Lake Michigan—10′ high and whiteout conditions!


I enjoyed watching trees move with the wind. Willows and Hemlock moving easily, Red Maple being swept around, and Boxelder Maple moving much more stiffly. I did not walk in the woods during these storms as I’m sure many a “widow-maker” came down; the sounds of Red Oak leaves, stiff and still on the branches, was especially fascinating.


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One thought on “Trees moving in the wind

  1. March is here! Loved the tree shadow post too!

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