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What Did the Rock Say?


Rocks with amazing colors like this one can show up even on back, dirt roads in Maple Corner. Clearly it has a great deal to say to me about color!

I’m excited to share that next week artist Dianne Shullenberger and I will have a new show at the Emile G. Gruppe Gallery in Jericho, VT entitled “What Did the Rock Say?”. Over a year ago Dianne, who is both a fabulous artist as well as a devoted lover of the out-of-doors, asked me to join her in envisioning a project to help young artists to get outside and be inspired by the Green Mountains.

jrsjr-2-6In particular, Dianne feels inspiration comes when we listen to what rocks have to say! Of course, based on my appreciation of her work and dynamic personality as well my own love of rocks, I immediately said “YES!” We were also joined by poet and educator Zoe Fowler.

jrsjr-00815We ended up taking a lovely hike to Libby’s Look in West Bolton with a group of a dozen middle- and high-school students. The result was inspiring, poems, photographs, sketches, paintings and plenty of good friendships. While we had hoped to do more hiking, various issues necessitated putting that part of the project on hold but the exhibit at the Gruppe had already been arranged and has come together beautifully.

jrsjr-2-8jrsjr-2-5Having grown up in Lower Michigan, I never saw rocks. In Vermont, of course, they are part of every day, from road cuts to cemeteries to old stone walls to quarries; every hike offers a chance to talk with more rocks! How lucky we are to be close enough to them to hear what they say.


The show runs from February 22nd through March 18th and I want to extend a special invitation for all to join us on Sunday, March 4th (2:00-4:00) for a reception that will also feature poetry reading and cello playing. Gallery hours are 10:00-3:00 Thursday through Sunday or by appointment. Please, come and listen to what the rock has to say to you!

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7 thoughts on “What Did the Rock Say?

  1. Deborah Leu on said:

    Wonderful project, sounds like a great show. And gorgeous rock colors.

  2. This is amazing–so proud of you for sharing with others in the inspiration of young people! One of my favorite books is TEACHING A STONE TO TALK by Annie Dillard 🙂 As she believes, all of nature has a voice, if only we will slow down and LISTEN.

    Oh, I wish I could be there on March 4th! How lucky the children are who were able to participate in this project–wish such an idea could be part of every young person’s life!

  3. Dianne Shullenberger on said:

    This is lovely John, again you are as talented with words as with your camera. Are you going to have prints for the show? D


  4. Joyce D Kahn on said:

    Is this event on the 4th at Diane’s? How do I reserve a ticket? Thanks!

  5. Rob Nessler on said:

    John, your work is utterly inspirational. I shall be following your blog with heightened anticipation. I love rocks too! Many thanks for sharing your wonderful images.

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