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Bits & Bobs & some Love too

The past few weeks have been busy with getting ready for the upcoming show at the Gruppe Gallery and being out-of-doors enjoying some February sunshine. I finally downloaded images from both cameras and felt that together they’d make a good collection of “bits and bobs.”

The Valentine Phantom was back in Montpelier! Every year for much of the time we have been living here, an unknown person or persons—at least not know to many!—hangs hundreds of hearts around town early on the 14th. We wake up to a sight that reminds us the world is not entirely bleak, that we live in a pretty fabulous community, and that for at least one day a year, we can celebrate loving each other.

This year we enjoyed the added delight of the art of many young people “who helped the Valentines Bandit” as one group of proud 3rd graders told us.

jrsjr-04604It was also a delight to spend the day with my Valentine who has been away for most of the past seven weeks helping her 98-year old dad successfully transition into assisted living. Both dad and daughter are inspirations! Liz posed in front of her favorite store in Montpelier, the Yarn Shop!

jrsjr-04537As is often the case in February, the sun has been glorious and the snow too, now several feet deep in most places. My walking pals, Rob and Michael, and I  put on snowshoes and walked to Chickering Bog, a special place anytime of year and more accessible when frozen. The contrast of shadows of Tamarack on bright snow and remaining leaves of Beech were beautiful in the sunshine.

And just a few miles out of the “city” the world quickly turns to countryside, and it is easy to look at old farms and imagine time warping into the early 1900s.


And in a world that lately seems so predictably unpredictable, here in the Northern Hemisphere the sun rises earlier every morning and swings more to the south until—right on schedule—it comes back in our kitchen window. With more and more of us glued to small phone screens and moving more often than in the past, such events are less often noticed and appreciated. The sight of the early sunshine on my old Chinese tea jar and a wooden kitchen mallet is a powerful reminder to me of what is real.


As I said, we couple weeks full of bits and bobs, and a wonderful time of year to be living in Central Vermont.




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5 thoughts on “Bits & Bobs & some Love too

  1. ehwfram on said:

    “Poetic” comes to mind with this lovely photo of the sun hitting the tea jar and wooden mallet.

  2. Thanks! It is the sort of thing I might see you drawing!!

  3. Karen Dailey on said:

    Sarah enjoyed reading your Bits and Bobs aloud to all of us out here in CA! We liked the Valentine phantom! Had such fun with Suz and all last night. Sending our love to VT. HI!

  4. Dianne Shullenberger on said:

    I love how you put it in words and pictures how we all fell about living in VT. Dianne

  5. Deborah Leu on said:

    Love these bits and bobs! I’m learning the new (to us) sun paths here in WA. Not much sunshine here these days, but I notice the lightening sky every morning. When we arrived on Jan 1, it was barely light at 8:00. Today, we have that same amount of light at 7:10. Thanks for sharing you pix and thoughts.

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