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More on ice

Ice is a living thing that changes day to day. How lucky I am!

After a brief warm spell during which ice melted and waters raged, we were greeted with a prolonged spell of sub-zero weather. The water in this little stream froze over itself again and again and all the dirt and leaf litter the melt had released along with it until the layer of ice was over two feet deep. Even then the water continued to race on top of the ice and freeze into deeper layers. Then it warmed enough for it the water to subside back to the stream bed below the ice leaving jagged piles and deep holes.



Along the way, treasures were left to be found and photographed:


Then the freezing began again, on lower, clear water, forming a stunning variety of delicate patterns seen here over the pebbles on the stream bottom.


And the sounds! Ice shifting, breaking, lifting. A frozen symphony. How lucky I am!




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One thought on “More on ice

  1. Dianne Shullenberger on said:

    Thanks for taking me with you. You knew I would like the leaf picture. Can you and Liz join us for a dinner with Emmanuel and Claudia. He is a photographer and admires your work. He has also done DW and fall DW. Give me some dates the work for you and I will check with them. D


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