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In my heart today

jrs-2867In my heart today is a message the Obama family shared with all of us every day of the past eight years: family matters and our family stretches around the world. I keep this in mind today as we head into what already looks like dark and dangerous times for many, including many in my family.

My family and friends inspire and support me to always be the best human being I can. It seems that is all we can ask of each other if we want a world that works for all.


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3 thoughts on “In my heart today

  1. So true, John–and then we’re also part of the “human family”, which is why the sign in front of my apartment, from Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice, reads “ONE HUMAN FAMILY”. I’m inspired by the fact that tomorrow there will be walks on all seven continents, “sisters” to the Washington March.

    Thanks for your constant inspiration–and refusal to surrender to ugly commentary. You inspire me daily, my friend 🙂

  2. Callie on said:

    One of the Obama family’s most important legacies, I believe, is that family, friends, and love are what really matters; the basis of all we do. They will be so missed. I appreciate the photos and posts of your friends and family, this one in particular. Remember Elton John’s words “when your friends are there then everything’s all right.”

  3. Thank you WOMEN OF THE WORLD for leading us in the direction we need to go.

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