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jrs-06464Balance is the key word of my week. To balance the stunning sub-zero weather with coming inside to a bowl of hot soup; to balance the privileged plenty of my life with helping those who have far less; to cry watching the video clips of Michelle Obama and Meryl Streep after boiling with anger at the lineup of this week’s Congressional hearings; and, after too much time in front of a screen, to look around and outside to see some of the immense beauty that also surrounds me.


The balance will shift in the next four years, as is already so painfully clear, but I will continue to find a balance point based on all of reality. And I’ll do whatever I am able to counter those poised to knock off-balance so much of humanity and life on the planet.

Life is—and has always been—about balance, President-elect Trump, whether you believe that to be true or not. In the end life will find a new balance that includes all you [and I] are doing even after we are long gone.


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4 thoughts on “Balance

  1. Wonderful, John–I sent the Streep video to my children, who had already seen it and (like you and me) were brought to tears. Your “balance” is a key idea as to how we’re to keep our sanity in the next four years–this is a marathon, not a sprint, so need to be sure to step outside and let nature restore balance, as she always does.

    Many thanks–the images you’ve chosen are wonderful–

  2. Deborah Leu on said:

    Beautiful flora with words that remind me to see the larger perspective even as I look at the detail.

  3. Beautiful insights. t

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