Still Learning To See


For all the mess we are making of the world, She still blesses us with grace every day and that is what sustains me in these dark times.

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6 thoughts on “Grace

  1. Karen Dailey on said:

    Thanks for letting me see the stunning graceful curve of a dead leaf against the grey of the skies or snow. I would have missed it any other way. It literally took my breath away! I send this with appreciation of and gratitude for your abilities to see and to pass it along to others. Thank you!

    • Thank you! It is a leaf on a small American Chestnut that was donated by my young friend Earl (12 years old) that he and I planted together in Hubbard Park a couple years ago. I checked on it yesterday and it is growing nicely! Yes, the curve, the color, the fact that it was planted by Earl and is growing—all part of the miracle I so often fail to see and am grateful when I do take the time… hugs

  2. I rarely take the time to tell you how much I love you photography, or to thank you for posting them along with your wise thoughts, but I’m doing so now.

    Thank you John.

    Jeannie Lowell

    Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

  3. Thanks Jeannie. Your kind words will keep me warm when I’m out photographing later this morning!

  4. Ben Hewitt on said:

    Hi John,

    I love this collection of photos. Thanks.

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