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The sun’s shining today!

"Where is that darned sun?"

“Where is that darned sun?”

It is appropriate that today, the winter solstice, the Sun is shining here in Central Vermont, even if weakly and not for long. When people tell me that using solar energy is not realistic, I love to suggest “Let’s turn the sun off for a week and see what it’s like to live without it!” Even on this shortest day of the year, the power of the Sun is so obvious.

jrs-06094As it happens today is also the day Catamount Solar LLC is installing an array of photovoltaic panels on our roof. Despite the snow and bitter cold, the crew is working safely and as efficiently as possible and we hope to be offsetting much of our electric use by the end of the week and, throughout the next year, the system should generate more than we use.

jrs-06131As I’ve shared previously, we have another system that uses the sun to warm all our hot water from mid-April to the end of October and some of the water the rest of the year. California, Florida, the rest of the country—are you listening?! If it can work here, it can work nearly everywhere else!


President-elect Trump, come visit us and see what a real investment in the future and our infrastructure could look like.

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3 thoughts on “The sun’s shining today!

  1. YES!! Agree 1000%. Most folks who get solar save as much just by noticing – and cutting back on – areas where they can use less energy – with little or no effort and little or no loss of comfort.

  2. Alleluia!!for the sun. Catch it while you can. very exciting. Merry Christmas, t

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