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Swirling waters

I’m challenged every day to post something that thoughtfully speaks to what looks  like very dangerous water ahead. And then I feel I need to illustrate whatever I say with photographs!


The North Branch of the Winooski is near freezing and full of power again after summer’s drought. The black waters reflect the light snow or the warm light of late afternoon, swirling constantly in mysterious ways.


As long as I’m secure on the shore—not always easy—the patterns are mesmerizing, even beautiful.


Many, I know, are deep in the middle of the current, headed toward trouble or already cold and desperate. I wonder “how we can have organized life to leave them vulnerable? But the much more immediate concern is how can we best lend them a hand? And, of course, we must lend a hand because “they” are “us.”


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2 thoughts on “Swirling waters

  1. David S on said:

    Yes, John you are right. As each day passes, and I watch the ‘new powers to be’ gather the same old, same old and the rich and powerful, I’m becoming more concerned at what is to become of ‘us’. I fear too many living on the fringe will fall further.
    It is a very sad thing to watch.

  2. I love the water photos. they tell to whole story. t

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