Still Learning To See

Picturing this!

Compared to the huge miracles of life Springing forth around us this week, the project my friend Rob and I are creating on Langdon Street is tiny.  Regardless, are well underway to printing large photographs of people (thanks, JR, for your inspiration) and pasting them up along Langdon Street in downtown Montpelier.

We found the seeds of this idea during a walk together in February, and have continued to nurture them with frequent conversations and experiments—all well fertilized with essential support from family and other artists. As is often the case there have been dark days of doubt, trials of inclement weather and challenges with infertile ground but yesterday we began to see remarkable growth when we photographed over one hundred people!

What a delight it was: the people, the laughing, the stories, the wonder we human beings are. From the 300+ photographs we made, we’ll be selecting up to three dozen to print and paste. Clearly, the biggest problem is e having many wonderful faces to choose from. Watch in June as Langdon Street comes ALIVE!rws-LR6

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