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Langdon Street is coming ALIVE!

Photographing people at the Farmers Market last Saturday was delightful and productive! Since then Rob Spring and I have been sorting through the images to find the relatively few we’ll be enlarging and pasting up on the streetscape in June.

20160521-_DSC6091The task of sorting, while great fun, has not be easy! The problem, as is evident from the gallery below, is that there are too many great photographs!

Langdon gallery 1 Langdon Gallery 2In addition to pasting selected larger images, we’ll be displaying printed galleries of all these photographs (in smaller sizes similar to above) along the street.  We want lots and lots of people to come to Langdon Street to see themselves—big or small—and enjoy this project and all the other art that will soon blossom there.


While all the photographs are copyrighted property, we invite you to download and enjoy your own photograph directly from this posting. Please be respectful of others and download or use only photographs of yourself or your family.


20160521-_DSC6357To help fund our project, as well as the larger Langdon Street Alive project, we will make high-quality prints available for purchase—details will be available here soon. Of course we’d welcome your making tax-deductible contributions directly to Langdon Street Alive anytime as this is all being financed by private donations with no city tax dollars involved.

20160521-_DSC6069In the meantime, enjoy seeing yourselves and your families,  your friends and neighbors in this gallery. Soon, some of you will be smiling down on us all from the walls of Langdon Street!

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10 thoughts on “Langdon Street is coming ALIVE!

  1. ehwfram on said:

    This is too fabulous for words! Love the Snell smooch!

  2. robwspring24 on said:

    Looks great.


    Rob Spring 802.249.8166


  3. Karen Dailey on said:

    Fantastic, one and all! It is all about the science (and art) of how one smile elicits another! Thanks for 100+ smiles! My heart is smiling too! 🙂

  4. Sarah Albert on said:

    Wonderful photos–they radiate joy!

  5. Paul Carnahan on said:

    How about publishing a book of these images? Good stuff!

    • Thanks, Paul. Yes, so many great photographs. We had made a promise initially, to which I feel duty bound, to use these only for this project and then they would go away. Maybe the next project we can so a book!

  6. areczek on said:

    Hi John,

    Great project, wonderful work!

    Have you thought about crowdsourcing the final decisions?


  7. Deborah Leu on said:

    So very wonderful!

  8. My apologies to Rob Spring, the fabulous photographer of all these images, for posting the wrong website! His actual website is Enjoy.

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