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Picture Yourself on Langdon Street!


Blank walls are boring!

My good friend Rob Spring and I are a couple of photographers working together to create a wonderful new art installation this summer as part of the Langdon Street Alive project. You can find more details about the whole project at this website. Langdon Alive will become very visible in mid-June when a number of installations will be made on the street and other projects will continue to be born throughout the summer and fall.

 Inspired by the amazing French artist JR, ours will be a series of very large black and white portraits of local people which, once printed, will be pasted to the walls of the second and third floors of buildings on the street. We plan to make the photographs this Saturday, May 21, at the Montpelier Farmers Market and we want your help or, more accurately, your face!
This is roughly what it will look like, using some of Rob's family as models.

This is roughly what a finished wall will look like, using some of Rob’s family as models.

Please come and let us photograph you—alone, with your significant other, with your family, whatever works—at no cost to you. Over the next few weeks we’ll select images to enlarge and use in the project. There are no guarantees your portrait will be selected but everyone who participates will be considered and will also be able to see their portrait at a special online preview page.

Please note: We will ask you to read and sign a simple agreement allowing us to use your image for this single project. No names will be used and no facial recognition will be employed. We want to use a diverse group of locals—our friends and neighbors—for this one-time project. When we are done all the photographs we’ve made, electronic and printed, will disappear.
We expect the large prints will be on Langdon Street all summer and fall at which time they will be removed.
We plan to have a lot of fun with this and believe it will be part of a wonderful transformation of Langdon Street . Can you “Picture Yourself” in this project? We hope so! Come join us this Saturday so we can include your face in the project.
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3 thoughts on “Picture Yourself on Langdon Street!

  1. Carole Naquin on said:

    Rain date for putting our mugs on brick? We will be in Boston this weekend….. Great idea. I hope yours will be up.

  2. kspring on said:

    We are having a plant sale at the farm that same day/time! Have so much fun!

  3. Deborah Leu on said:

    Such an interesting project. I look forward to seeing more!

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