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Spring in the yard

In the nearly 40 years we’ve lived in Central Vermont—right in town—I’ve transformed the yard from all lawn to no lawn. Much of it is a sort of wild garden—really just a truce with weeds and several persistent invasive plants and plants that will grow with little need of help from me. Other areas host plants that require more of my time but reward handsomely with joyous color.

This time of year, especially after our long winter, this wild, old yard is a delight to behold.

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3 thoughts on “Spring in the yard

  1. kspring on said:

    “a truce with weeds” I love this!

  2. Yes! From my old days in Ag classes: “A weed is a plant out of place.” My goal is often to simply re-define “place” to include the weed as part of the garden.

  3. Beautiful photos, John. It is spring at last!

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