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Art to benefit an artist

We are fortunate here in Central Vermont to have all sorts of amazing artists and musicians sharing their work. Over the weekend I again heard one of the local concert pianists, Diane Huling, playing Rachmaninoff Concerto #2 with the Vermont Philharmonic. Since she retired from teaching several years ago from one of the state colleges, Diane has devoted herself to playing concerts. She is energetic and skilled in all she plays. How lucky we are!

One of the problems she’s encountered, however, is that she has worn out the piano she practices on it home—a true testament to her dedication to her hard work of practicing! As a result, to go from her practice instrument to the fine Steinway at the Barre Opera House, for instance, creates problems. So Diane is raising funds (approximately $70,000!) to buy a new piano to use at home.

Meanwhile…the f/7 Group of Photographers I meet with regularly continues to learn from by giving ourselves assignments. For two recent Montpelier Art Walk shows we printed work from two of these, one to photograph an everyday object (mine was ice-cubes) and the other to represent simplicity . We hung the photographs as “works in progress,” unframed and unmatted, and enjoyed sharing them with several hundred people at each event. It is a great way for us to practice our art and craft.

Knowing how much I’ve learned from my fellow artists, including the f/7 Group and Diane, It occurred to me that I might be able to help Diane raise funds by selling some of my Art Walk photographs. These are all high-quality color prints on archival paper, signed by me and ready to be matted and framed. Nominal sizes are noted below; all the ice-cube photographs are printed without borders while the simplicity photographs have a small border on all sides. I’m pricing them to sell quickly at $20 each (except one larger photo at $40) mailed directly to you in exchange for a check!

“But wait! That’s not all!!” I’m also selling copies of the recently printed DVD of “Reflections,” my performance piece with cellist Melissa Perley for $20. This is a fabulous release of the twenty-minute slideshow of 100 of my photographs of reflections in water and ice accompanied by Melissa’s playing cello music. It is a gem! Although I may now sound like a late-night TV salesman, you can enjoy this performance over and over and over and never get tired of seeing and hearing it!

All the proceeds will go to helping Diane replace her practice piano. 


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6 thoughts on “Art to benefit an artist

  1. RLFromm on said:

    John, a great collection of insights into our world. Thanks RLFromm.

  2. Julia on said:

    How generous of you, John–but then, that’s your big heart 🙂 I hope she gets her piano–and I plan on giving Liz a check when she arrives!

  3. Great. I’ll arrange for a special delivery!

  4. Cassie on said:

    Hey John, terrific idea! I’d love to have Snow on a branch (that had a drop looking like the moon).

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