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Lots of snow

We’ve had lovely snow these past several weeks and temperatures that have stayed below freezing—often below 0F!—so the snow has stayed nice. The big storm yesterday ended up bringing us only another 6-8″ but it is light and fluffy. None of these are award-winning photographs but I love the shapes and patterns and exposures and textures that come with snow. I know many folks in the Boston area might not feel the same.

We are about halfway through winter so there will be more!

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2 thoughts on “Lots of snow

  1. Deborah Leu on said:

    Beautiful shots, John! I miss northern winters. Mostly we just get ice in southern CT. We did get about 2 feet here on Mon/Tues with lots of wind and drifts, but it’s hard to enjoy it since it’s too much for them to deal with here. It’s an uncommon event, so they don’t have the personnel and equipment. For most it just creates problems. Even our driveway is in sorry shape since my ribs are preventing me from shoveling. So a double thank you for sharing these lovely winter images with gorgeous blue skies, sparkly snow, and lovely light!

  2. These shots make me sorry that I am missing this – OK not the shoveling part but certainly the crisp clean and shimmering visuals. Nothing like a fresh layer of pristine snow, the bite of cold air, and the brilliant blue of the sky…

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