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The magic of frost and snow

One day last week daybreak arrived—as it has often in the past month—at below zero. Shortly thereafter a bank of very moist air arrived, perfect conditions for hoarfrost to form. The frost on this Red Oak leaf, a photograph I made several years ago, is a classic example.DCF 1.0When hoarfrost forms, it usually only lasts a short time, typically until the sun rises and warms things up. Last week I was not able to get out to see it until later in the day, by which time much of it had disappeared, but I enjoyed seeing the contrast of these frost and snow crystals on burdock.


Also fun to ponder the age-old question: what color is snow?  These photographs, made under bright blue skies in late afternoon light, show just two examples of how varied the answer can be! Perhaps the real “answer” is to work in B&W?

Snow-4045 Snow-4046

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One thought on “The magic of frost and snow

  1. The last two are a knock out! Like cross bedding in sandstone but just fleeting light…

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