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Not a leaf…a mystery!

While walking on Thursday, I spotted what at first looked like a single leaf remaining in a small tree. I nearly walked by! Getting closer it was obvious, however, that it was a leaf—but one that had been wrapped up to form the outside of a cocoon. A bit of investigation suggests it is the wintering over home of a Cecropia Moth and the pupae was alive inside.

Cecropia cocoon-3967Readers may remember me posting last August about the amazing work of Sam Jaffe a guy who can charm caterpillars and other insects as well as the humans who come to see him at work. Here is photograph of a  Cecropia caterpillar he had when I met him last summer. I remember him talking about finding these “dead leaves” hanging from trees in the winter and how exciting to have actually found one!

But how impossible it is that this insect can stay alive all winter long and then transform itself into a moth in the spring! It makes something as seemingly complex as the world political scene appear simple. How little I really see and understand!

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2 thoughts on “Not a leaf…a mystery!

  1. Deborah Leu on said:

    Awesome find and shot, John. We saw mountain goats in Princess Louisa Inlet! They had climbed down to sea level to eat grass in a sunny meadow of the fiord. Amazing!

  2. Another WONDER! Thanks for sharing! I immediately went to Wiki & WOW! Be still my heart! Wishing you & yours & all other “wonderers” here, another glorious day of LIFE!

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