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Mid-summer, already!

It has been a slow week, literally, as the internet connections near me on my travels have been painful. But summer is in full glory: thunderstorms and cumulus clouds, hot sunshine, sweet corn, getting together with family and caterpillars!

I wrote several weeks ago about Sam Jaffe and his “caterpillar zoo,” an amazing collection of insects in all stages of development. Their “performance” at North Branch Nature Center was a delight! Sam is not only a gifted photographer of caterpillars, he also has mastered finding and rearing them so that he and his exceptional staff can help the rest of us see these miracles of transformation in action.

Young and old alike were enchanted by Sam and his crew, both the two-footed ones and those with six feet. “Caterpillars can be found locally,” Sam said, “and then observing them is such a dynamic experience!” We all marveled as we watched caterpillars shed their skins and move from one stage of their remarkable lives to the next. To see a butterfly unfold and pump up a pair of wings is something everyone should have a chance to experience! Here are a few of the caterpillars, Sam and some of his crew.


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3 thoughts on “Mid-summer, already!

  1. John, thank you for this lovely post and photos. I’ve had the privilege of working with and learning from Sam over the last five years. He’s a gifted naturalist, teacher, and photographer and indisputably the Pied Piper of the caterpillar world. Your post captures the wonder and delight that everyone feels in these programs, both students and colleagues.

    I appreciate your sentiments about your own photography and the knowing and connection that come from walking the same ground over time. Looking forward to reading more and I invite you to visit my Sense of Place – Concord blog.

    Good seeing…

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