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Beach sky patterns

From the front porch of the place we rented on the beach in North Carolina we could see both the sunrise and the sunset! There were some gorgeous ones too. And as Arthur began his transformation just to the south from a tropical depression to a hurricane, the billowing cumulus clouds that formed each day were also spectacular.

I am often astonished at how the sky changes from one minute to the next—a sunrise “ripening” or a sunset fading and clouds that grow to towering columns in a short time. Who needs television when you can see “shows” like these?!

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5 thoughts on “Beach sky patterns

  1. Really like the red in that last shot 🙂

    • Thanks, Eden. As is often the case with sunrise/sunset, the intensity did not last long. I find it is always a mistake to hurry a sunset, but I also have to quiet my mind and just enjoy whatever shows up rather than thinking “it’ll get better” or “this is better than it was.” This sunset was a delight!

  2. Julia on said:

    What glory! That last red one looks like an opening to another world. And what a joy to see BOTH the sunrise and sunset–thanks so much 🙂

    • It was pretty special to be in such a spot where that was just part of life! Here in Vermont, we have to go looking for both sunrise and sunset though we often see a glorious sky associated with either.

  3. Deborah Leu on said:

    Awesome views and beautiful shots, John. Here at home sunrises and especially sunsets are very much blocked by tall nearby trees and a rise to our west. We sometimes see the trailing colors of sunrise, but I am always surprised at how lovely the sunsets are here when I chance upon if I happen to be somewhere when they’re visible. It’s probably worth a purposeful walk or drive to seek them out. I’ll have to try to do that.

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