Still Learning To See

A garden gem

My eye often sees “garden,” a mass of plants—gorgeous and, still, a mass, rather than an individual flower or plant. And every once in a while an individual stands out, whether due to location or size or color or some other difference. This tulip, white with breaks of green and red, flowered several weeks ago, still fresh in my mind’s eye and, fortunately, in my collection of photographs. Who could want for more?


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5 thoughts on “A garden gem

  1. Julia on said:

    Oh, that little brushstroke of red is so delicate–and I’ve never seen green on a tulip. Thanks for your great eye for detail–you’ve captured so much by appreciating the microcosm as well as the macro. 🙂

    • The phenomenon is called “breaking,” a fascinating piece of botany, biology, history and even murder and intrigue! Here is a link to a short Wiki explanation that can lead to many other links. In the end, it is also, of course, gorgeous!

  2. some years ago I also had a white tulip with a red stripe. It was beautiful like yours.

  3. Chica Snell on said:


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  4. Deborah Leu on said:

    yes – a beautiful standout! lovely flower and shot.

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