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Tulips, continued

This group of tulips, “perennials,” which I ordered last spring from White Flower Farm, has been stunning. They are now, finally after more than three weeks in bloom, coming to their end. In the last week they’ve grown more pink with soft modeling, especially gorgeous in bright overcast light like we had this morning.

Although I posted some of these images earlier, I’m doing so again so they can be part of this now longer sequence of blooming. I’ll be ordering more of these later this week as some I planted ten years ago continue to bloom each spring.

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3 thoughts on “Tulips, continued

  1. These are magnificent pictures. Interesting to have them dated too. I wish the deer didn’t like mine so much.

  2. Dave T on said:

    Great variety of shots. We have a big void in Tulips so your pics are enjoyable.

  3. John Snell on said:

    Deer are a problem with tulips. What drives me crazy is when the chew the top of the newly forming bud so that when the flower opens it is a bunch of amputated petals! I’ve had good luck pushing sticks/small branches in and around the tulips as they come up; the deer seem to avoid getting poked in the snout as a result and leave them alone. Once they are up and ready to bloom, I can pull some or all of the sticks as the deer generally have plenty of other things to eat by then.

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