Still Learning To See


I’ve so enjoyed a few days in the flower gardens and a few more out along the roadways. I’m (again) amazed at the way plants reach for the light. Grapes, wild and cultivated, are moving quickly upward in whatever way they are able. A lovely, simple composition with bright sky, green leaves and flowers, vines and tendrils. Reaching for the light.


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3 thoughts on “Reaching

  1. I’ve often thought how a sped up film of grapevines reaching for the light would look. I imagine it would be very scary in a way, like some great unstoppable monster reaching and holding everything it came in contact with. We’ve got tons of grape vines to deal with – concords – and we’ve got Fleecy White and Moonseed all growing on the same fence and all wrestling with each other for space and light. It’s a great cascade of green waves that heave and crest and fall back and finally settle into place for the long hot summer. They all meet at my pagoda (my temple to the truss) and cover it in luxurient green shade. ted

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