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Spring, Vermont style!

We had more than a foot of gorgeous (my opinion is not shared by all!) snow the past 24 hours. Why not?! Otherwise March would just be brown.

Every single branch was outlined in white this morning and the sun was brilliant. Somewhere under the snow Spring flowers are stretching their roots and will arrive above ground exactly at the right time—but not quite yet.

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5 thoughts on “Spring, Vermont style!

  1. Julia on said:

    Oh, I love these little “jokes” by Mama Nature–it’s all good 🙂 Thanks for the lovely pictures, and I hope your foot is 100% in time for the greening, when it comes.

    • It was great fun to watch people’s faces. They either hated it or loved it! Of course, I’m in the latter group. I have a photograph of our sun standing in snow to his knees on April 17, 1990—he was not smiling!

  2. Cassie on said:

    So, John, on the first day of spring, I was sitting listening to Dr. Alan Betts OSHER chat on climate change at the MSAC, when my eyes were wandering around the room to focus on bright pink and blue item across the room…oh! (brain engaged) I recognize that! It’s a door from John’s collection!!! Like seeing an old friend, it (and several others) caused a springtime smile to spread across my face:-)

    PS. I loved this particularly beautiful snowfall this week, too.

    • Sorry I missed Dr.Betts but glad you realized the photos on the walls were mine! I moved 1/2 my show from the Medical Center down to the Senior Center this week. The other 1/2 will remain at the Medical Center for another week or two and then it too will travel to the Senior Center for the Art Walk (April 5th) and then remain there through April. Hard to believe exactly a year ago it was 70F here in Vermont! Like you, I’ll take the snow this time of year.

  3. our puny quarter inch doesn’t compare. Amor Fata – no sense fighting Mother Nature, eh?

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