Still Learning To See

Waking up to Spring

First, my apologies for the absence of late. Lots of juggling.

Ankle seems to be mending but walking is still restricted. A chance to explore new, less rigorous territory?!

The new moon and Comet Panstarrs last week—lovely photographs of the moon but the comet did not reveal itself to me.

I’ve moved 1/2 the photo show to the Montpelier Senior Activity Center where it will be on display for the next Art Walk on April 5th. The other 1/2 will continue to hang at Central Vermont Medical Center for another couple of weeks. The whole process has been a delight and has clearly shown me, given the many positive comments I’ve gotten, that all the work to get this show hung was worthwhile.

Rob and I also have enjoyed busily preparing a new show of slides of our trip to Alaska—delivered twice last week—both times to appreciative audiences. Great fun to re-live the trip as we worked together on it. Perhaps we need to do more!

March in Vermont: a few Pansies (Viola tricolor) and Snowdrops (Galanthus) waking up and now a foot of snow coming down today and tomorrow. But the sap is running and steam coming from sugar houses all over the area, both indicating what should be a good year for Vermont maple syrup!

And reports of Mourning Cloak (Nymphalis antiopa) butterflies in flight. These are one of only a few butterflies that winter over, a remarkable achievement. Bernd Heinrich writes about this in “Winter World,” a great read especially as we move into Spring.  I made this photograph exactly a year ago today—though it was a warmer day with sun shining—up at Berlin Pond.

Mourning Cloak-1670

I’ve also been delightfully distracted lately by several fine concerts and lectures, including an oh-so inspiring one by Sam Jaffe on his work with caterpillars. This young man is not only doing pioneering work finding and rearing caterpillars but his photographs of them are stunningly artistic as well as scientifically accurate and useful.

I left quite moved to think about what I still do not see of the world around me and excited to expand my vision. Sam is a gifted artist and brilliant field scientist, a guy to be watched! I take the liberty of including one of his copyrighted photographs here simply to tempt you to connect to the links of his work:


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3 thoughts on “Waking up to Spring

  1. Cindy on said:

    Wow! Thanks for reminding me to check Jaffe’s site. Those Point Lobos rock images are stunning and fine memories of such a special place.

  2. Margaret Pifer on said:

    Dear John, Thank you so very much for your continuing instructional and beautiful photos, but also for your philosophical approach to life. You are hardly retired and your time following employment has been full of learning and sharing. It is inspirational to me. Yes, by all means look around to see what you’ve been missing!

    The postcard from Cindy from Point Lobos was a thoughtful remembrance. My contacts with my young friends, as your sister, make my life broader and more fun. And so with your photos.

    Hi to you and Liz – and my love, Marg

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