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The High One, Denali

“The Mountain,” as it is called. Or Mt. McKinley or, probably most accurately, Denali. Regardless, to see it is moving. Since it is not visible more than 2 days out of 3, I counted myself very fortunate to see it 4 of the days I was within range in Alaska. “Range” is more than 100 miles! At 20,320 ft. and snow-covered, it is impressive from wherever it can be seen.

What is also true about Denali is that it changes often in the light. Since it creates its own weather, the clouds that usually form around it are nearly always changing. But even cloudless, as it was on the first day I saw it, the vast white peak takes on the color of the sky throughout the day.

Needless to say, I made many photographs of Denali, some just a few seconds apart in time. Some will doubt my sanity. I enjoy seeing it in all these many ways. Here are a few—and I’ll share more over the next few days.

Viewed from Denali Park with the park road on the right. This is the view we had for an afternoon as we slowly made our way walking across the tundra in the foreground!

A detail fo the top of the mountain. Many attempt to climb it each year but only about half make it to the top. Needless to say, I’m grateful to simply enjoy this view from below!

From further away Denali becomes a presence, complemented by the rest of the landscape.



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One thought on “The High One, Denali

  1. Marti Snell on said:

    Breathtaking, even in my little room on my small laptop. I feel transported.

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