Still Learning To See

Seeing Denali again

“Another photo of Denali!?!?”

I laugh, thinking of how I’ve watched old re-runs of bad TV shows, eaten the same old snack foods again and again or driven the same stretch of road without seeing much of anything. Contrast this with the tens of thousands of images made of Fuji or paintings made of human faces or the variety of flowers and sunsets we have seen.

There is so much I can gain from seeing again and again and again in different light, from a different perspective, with different cloud cover.

Another few photographs of Denali!

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5 thoughts on “Seeing Denali again

  1. Loving all of them–one never tires of looking on the face of awe, whether in a mountain or a grandchild, a flower or a tree. Keep them coming! 🙂

  2. Marti Snell on said:

    I cannot fathom the second picture — I want to be there to see for myself.

    • Yes, it is unfathomable! Basically by using a telephoto lens the whole foreground (trees and “little” mountains which are actually quite far away) is pushed right up on top of the background—the side of Denali, with its massive snow and ice features. When you consider the thing is 20,000+ feet high, it makes more sense that it would dominate an image.

  3. Claire Snell-Rood on said:

    I had the exact same reaction that Mom did! Took my breath away!

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