Still Learning To See


One of the things I noticed about myself on my annual Fall foliage trip to Cady’s Falls this year was that I’m slowing down. Not all bad! More time to see more and savor it, all with less risk running into some of life’s bumps, literally and figuratively.

Of course even a single image as wild as this one—much less dozens of them—is a lot to take in! Such is the amazing world we live in.

And with a small change of where I am pointing the camera lens, I see more of the impossibilities that Sugar maples become when reflected in the water.

Another slight change to bring in the single Red maple that grows high along the stream’s bank and pair that with the dark trunk of a tree and the blue sky and the…oh my goodness, the world just explodes in abstractions of the colors.

What I am not able to bring to this post are the many different sounds the stream makes on its way, the smell of the moist leaves and damp air, and the very refreshing temperature of the water as I stand in it, ankle deep, learning again to see what is right in front of me…and more slowly this year.

Again, thank you for seeing these images with me. Feel free to share this post and the many others here with your friends and family.

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6 thoughts on “Slowly

  1. Geof Hewitt on said:

    Thank you, John! -Geof

  2. Jeff Danziger on said:

    Wow! And this was the best foliage color I have ever seen. No?


    • Yes, we had to laugh that a few weeks ago we all thought “It will just be brown this year,” and then VOILA! It has been spectacular. I don’t know if it was/is the best ever but, then, I also think we often feel that way in the middle of it all. Regardless, it blew me away this year.

  3. Your images look great. They are modern art.

  4. Also enjoying some beautiful colors here in Michigan

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