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Once again

I enjoy the part of life that circles back around, like new ice in the early winter, or the first hummingbird to show up, the way the moon is so high in the winter and the shadows of the low winter sun. Of course, always the Fall foliage. The road above in East Montpelier is one of my favorite spots to walk anytime of year but especially now.

Our solar powered world is full of these changes that repeat to one degree or another every time we go around the sun. I especially love being in a place, be it a mountain top or along a stream, where I can let all these changes just circle around in my vision of life. I am at that age where I also appreciate every new trip I make around the sun, knowing it won’t last forever.

So I was particularly grateful to be back on a favorite small stream in Northern Vermont, Cady’s Falls, to see the Fall colors. This is a place where the texture of the water and the light reflecting off the leaves of the high hardwoods lining the bank can combine to be pure magic. Sunday was such a day.

The images I made are all reflections of the sky, clouds, dark tree trunks, and the Fall foliage of the various hardwoods in the swirling water. The images change if I move even a few inches in any direction and with time as the sun shifts to light the trees differently. All of these are as I saw them with only minor adjustments in LightRoom, mainly for contrast and, in some cases, to crop.

And one of the best parts of this annual event is wading in the cold water—the only way to really “work all the angles!”

I’ll post two more here today and then post others in the next few days. I find these abstractions of reality are best “digested” in small servings and hope you agree. Also, please share these images with others as I want them enjoyed in as wide a circle as possible. Thank you.

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4 thoughts on “Once again

  1. Martha Snell on said:

    I can never get too many of these fall images you capture brother John.

  2. ehwfram on said:

    Hi John,

    Seeing the world through your eyes is always a delight, but especially at this time of year— and of course, when it is time: ice!

    It feels like we’ve had an especially brilliant display this fall – but I think I feel that way every year. I’m just so grateful to live where there is always something beautiful to look and marvel at – and where there are souls who share what they see from their corner. I am so appreciative of your vision which adds a deeper dimension.

    Best to you and Liz – Happy Fall! xo, Betsy

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