Still Learning To See


Some changes in life are predictable. The return to cold weather is one I always look forward to—for many reasons: a much simplified landscape, seeing the “bones” of trees, the winter night sky, snow in many forms, hoarfrost, footprints in the woods, and, this time of year, new ice.

Though I grew up on a lake in Michigan and spent much of my childhood and young adult years outside, I am not conscious of having seen new ice until I was much older when I first noticed it forming on a bird bath! Now I not only see it, I pursue seeing it because the time it forms doesn’t last long here in Vermont. Once we have very cold and prolonged weather, the ice thickens and changes into other forms.

The delicate three-dimensionality is worth seeing as often as possible—whether on a mud puddle or a pond!

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6 thoughts on “Changes

  1. Deborah Leu on said:

    You know I love it! Hugs to you and Liz, Debbie

  2. I used to enjoy stepping on (and breaking) new ice on standing water along the walk to school. Beautiful photographs.

  3. Kate Conway on said:

    John, I agree. New ice is so delicate and creates an other worldly kind of image. It’s so fragile. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photographs.

  4. Cuz,I hope you have time to get out and see some and other special places and things to bring you peace. Lots of love.

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