Still Learning To See

Honoring the sun

November can be cold, gray and trying for many. Personally I love seeing the changes coming as we move headlong into winter. And in less than a month—already—the days will be getting longer! Today is a brilliantly sunny day—one of a handful we average for the month—and even if cold, that sun is a welcome sight.

The tally from our solar panels shows the month clearly, although they are often snow covered by now and the sun, when it does shine, has dipped behind the neighbors’ roofs and trees for much of the day. Still, on average this investment has nearly paid for itself in five years.

As a photographer I love the low angle of the winter sun and the fact that, as I get older and enjoy sleeping in or hanging out inside, sunrises and sunsets are more accessible.

And, of course, snow in its many forms and edges of frost glistening and new ice forming !

Although I no long cross-country ski, I look forward to long winter walks through the woods and hills and snowshoeing along streams and even just sitting inside, begin warm, looking out at our amazing world.

This time of year is too special to not fully enjoy and there is so much to learn to see!

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