Still Learning To See

Let the sunshine in!


If the weather cooperates, this is the week the sun, now seven weeks past the Winter Solstice, makes a re-appearance back in our kitchen window. This morning we welcomed a bit of sunshine back in our home, not a great deal and not for long and definitely not yet spring, but very welcomed regardless. 

Of course I am also welcoming the “sunshine” back onto the political scene after a long “winter of darkness.” While the sun in our kitchen window is totally predictable, that in our world of living with each other in sunny peace is not. That depends on the good will of each of us to listen, learn, and include those among us who have so much less in life and, of course, to honor this living planet that depends entirely on the sunshine. 

In honor of the sunshine returning to our lives, please join me in doing something today, even if small, to bring more light into this old world we share with each other.


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