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Small changes, big differences

We are all learning the big differences small changes can make. Although I don’t (yet) personally know anyone who has died of this virus, it is clearly not fake news that many have died and many more will. Putting on a face mask seems a small price to pay to improve the chances for myself and my fellow humans to live out a longer life. Given I have a warm home—noticeably pleasant this morning as I look out on a couple inches of snow!—and plenty of food in the cupboards and freezer, and money in the bank, it is also clearly a time to share with the many who are in dire straights. There is no shortage of neediness.

The past few days I have enjoyed being out walking or working in the gardens in a t-shirt. This morning the small change of a drop in temperature has made a big difference: snow.


The difference between the snow and the turmoil we have brought upon ourselves in the world is twofold: first, snow, even in mid-May, is not unheard of in Vermont and second, it will melt and the sun will again shine and warm us up. For our other turmoil, it is more clear than in any of my 70+ years that things will not change without our active and substantial intervention. We cannot return to “normal” because normal was unacceptable for the vast majority of humanity and, certainly, for the Planet.


It is not hard to imagine the many, positive changes, even small ones, that we can make as we learn from these hard times that could make substantial and very positive differences in the future.


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3 thoughts on “Small changes, big differences

  1. Dale Dailey on said:

    We didn’t get the snow, but we got the cold, cold temps. I’m definitely ready to move on to Spring. I have about 20 perennials that I received via mail and am ready to plant, but will wait until Tuesday when we reach a warm streak.

  2. Dianne Shullenberger on said:

    I love how you think and live so positively.

  3. Alban Richey on said:

    Your daffodil in snow is an eloquent poem. Thanks.

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