Still Learning To See

My window seat


I am most definitely still learning to see, in all ways, and these past few weeks have been a sort of HOLY SH*T eye opener. Still are. We are certainly in this together, even if many in government leadership roles continue to fail to see that. Exactly where the bridge to the next phase of human interactions is, is not clear but I know it is there and that we can find it.

Over my career I had a pretty large carbon footprint sitting in the window seat on countless airplane trips. I was the guy who chose my seat based on what I knew I might see and who refused to pull the shade because what was out that window—a tidal marsh, a river, a cloud, pretty much everything—was a million times more interesting that what was on my computer or the TV screen.

I always felt a fascinating connectedness between seeing the large landscape below and feeling like, at the same time, I was on the ground—wherever that might have been—looking up at some guy looking out the airplane window.


There was never a view that was not fascinating and very few that were not stunningly beautiful. To see giraffes from the air! Or clouds any time!!

And long ago I remember a flight where the pilot came on the intercom to say there would be a delay getting into LAX so he was going to take a slight detour and fly over the Grand Canyon! I can’t lay my hands on the image right now, but it is indelibly printed in my mind. And, yes, it was a big carbon footprint in different times.

DCF 1.0

These images, only a few of hundreds, have a much smaller footprint, and I share them with you knowing we all may not be sitting by that window in the near future.


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One thought on “My window seat

  1. Karen S Dailey on said:

    I, too, recall a time when the pilot told the folks in the plane travelling to LAX, “I know here on Christmas Day I don’t have any businessmen on board…you are all families, going to visit families. We are delayed in entering LAX so we’ll fly over the Grand Canyon! Now folks on the right side of the plane will see it first, but, never fear, left side, I’ll turn us around and then you, too, can have your very own peek!” I understand that the Grand Canyon airspace is now closed to air traffic. So, our memories are the best! Thanks for a reminder!

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