Still Learning To See

Just one

I seem to be bottled up of late. I’ve enjoyed times behind my camera but struggled with sharing what I’ve seen. A fellow artist friend challenged me yesterday to just get on with it.

Here is one image I want to share today, a detail of a tulip grown locally by the amazing Emily von Trapp. There WILL be more photographs.

Thank you for your patience and your continued support.


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9 thoughts on “Just one

  1. thanks for sharing your efforts. always inspiring. t

  2. David Harrison on said:

    Your work touches so many people. What a gift you give to us all, letting us see light and beauty and simplicity and complexity.

  3. Rob N on said:

    Your beautiful images together with the stories you relate about where you live always inspire me. “Still Learning To See” is my favorite email! Thank-you so much for your efforts to date.

  4. Veer Frost on said:

    The tulip’s beauty a marvel, your ability to find beauty a marvel, what else shall we turn to in such times? Thank you.

  5. Karen S Dailey on said:

    At a time when our inboxes are all filled with concerns about COVID 19, I clicked on Still Learning to See knowing that I would be nurtured by your words and your pictures. We are needing spaces of beauty and wonder tucked in between all the news these days. Thank you, John!

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