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Sun + Object = Shadow


This time of year in Vermont we can have gorgeous, bright sunny days. Add to that a covering of snow and it is the perfect place to enjoy shadows, big and small. Shadow theater has long been part of our artistic palette, perhaps one of the reasons I love to see them.

Too, they are ever changing—the sun moving in and out of clouds, the wind in the trees—shadows that were one way on my outbound walk are different on the way back!


Although I have no photograph to show this, a couple weeks ago I was entranced watching a child clearly walking with her shadow and carrying on a conversation with it as well! I know I had a long talk with some shadows of Beech leaves chattering in the breeze this week—why not?!

If the sun is shining where you are today, perhaps you’ll find time to enjoy a shadow or two, either big or little no matter which.

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6 thoughts on “Sun + Object = Shadow

  1. Dianne Shullenberger on said:

    This is such a lovely and peaceful series, soothes my soul and uplifts my spirit. Thank you

  2. Karen Dailey on said:

    So glad to see some sun on your blog, John. We are in the midst of about 10 days of dreary MI 30s, with some fog, mist, drizzle and rain, which, of course, is playing havoc with the snow. Lots and lots of extra water In our pond these days. Be well dear bro!

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  3. You put such a lovely spin on them with what you choose to accentuate. I feel like other people often overlook these details. Wonderful aerial photos as well. Have you ever used a drone to take photos or video?

  4. Lovely – as always

  5. I love to see the sun in these photos. Hurray for midwinter in Vermont!

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