Still Learning To See

Pure joy

On February 9th each year, if the skies are clear, the planet has tilted enough that the sun briefly finds its way back in our kitchen window after a months’ long absence. It was right on schedule this year—both a cause for celebration and a reminder that, despite a long, cold, dark and snowy winter, we are on the other side of much of winter.

Solar February

February typically brings clear skies and lots of sunshine, even if it is also often accompanied by sub-zero temperatures. When the solar panels are not covered with snow, they provide immediate, welcome feedback. The snow this year has been unbelievable—there is well over three feet in the yard and, much to the consternation of drivers, many roads are down to being one lane wide. The tree shadows, however, either from the sun or lately the nearly full moon, are delightful.


Somewhere below all the white stuff are the spring-flowering bulbs I planted last October! It will be a while before I see them! In the meantime we enjoy a weekly bouquet of tulips grown locally by the gift folks at Von Trapp Greenhouse. The flowers last well over a week and even as the petals fall are pure joy to have on our dining room table. No matter the light, they also provide a wonderful reason to get out my cameras and explore colors, textures and shapes—pure joy!


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