Still Learning To See


I find I’m often stuck in a small part of the real world I think I can somehow control or, perhaps, fully encompass. This beautiful snow coming down this morning, for instance, I can easily hold as either “MORE snow to shovel/MORE chance of slipping”or transform into the true miracle it is: crystals floating down to earth.

Of course I will have to shovel it and I will need to be careful to not slip and fall and, still, I can, when I take the time and get myself unstuck from needing to control my world, appreciate how utterly impossible this lovely, soft, floating stuff is.


Recently I had an opportunity to see other kinds of floating impossibilities at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  To fully disclose, I have also encountered some variety of these jellyfish miracles while swimming in a way that resulted in my nearly having to go to the emergency room, so I know both sides of this story. Still, in the safety of the Aquarium, I was totally blown away by these impossible, floating miracles.


And, if I had had to work on Cannery Row and deal with millions of sardines, as many did in Monterey, I might not see the beauty of them swimming in quite the same way as I did standing in front of the huge aquarium windows. I was completely mesmerized by the constantly changing patterns of motion, color and light—all impossible.


Did I say mesmerized?! Constant motion? Changing patterns?

And then a sea turtle—these are truly miraculous—swimming by just to make sure I know I’m not really in control of what life can look like!


Yes, life is impossible and, yet, here I am, part of it all—at least when I remember that fact. Oh, did I tell you about the amazing looking down fish?! Impossible, right?!


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2 thoughts on “Impossible!

  1. Kate Conway on said:

    Once again, beautiful images and colors.

  2. Loved the description of snow as being “utterly impossible”. t

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