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Crossing into the next season

When the first snow covers the ground deeply, it is clearly a line crossed. That happened this week, as it often does by mid-November, as well as me crossing the line into my seventh decade. To celebrate both I enjoyed a long walk in the snow up in our beloved Hubbard Park. At one point a large bunch of snow—”bigger than a breadbox,” and those who are 70+ will remember that phrase—landed right on my head. A good reminder, no matter my age, I’m still simply part of the universe!


Newly falling snow is glorious! I know this is not an opinion shared by all but I hope these photographs will remind you to bundle up and give it a try. The world is simpler and certainly quieter in a snowstorm like this one. Cold? “If you are cold, you just aren’t wearing enough clothes!”




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2 thoughts on “Crossing into the next season

  1. Jean Lowell on said:

    John: Do you ever make cards of your photographs? I’m very interested in the Hubbard Park snow covered tree photo. I’d love to use that as my Christmas card this year.

  2. I have made cards but not of this one and typically postcards rather than greeting cards. I’d be happy to share the image with you. Drop me an email at <> and we can work out the details.

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