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The colors that remain…

We are well past “post-peak”—the glorious maples are now bare and in “stick season”—with the colors that remain mostly the now-brown Red Oaks, the glowing yellow of White Birch and Norway Maple—though the leaves of both now dropping fast—and finally visible on many hillsides, the glorious gold of Tamarack. This conifer fully sheds its leaves, needles really, coating the early snows in yellow and gold, a lovely sight.



Soon the Tamaracks too will be bare and we can just fully appreciate the bones of all the trees. Although I know the feeling is not shared by all, I love this time of year! As EB White says in his Essays, I am “powerless to resist its wild embrace.”

EB White


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5 thoughts on “The colors that remain…

  1. Thank you for putting the beauty of stick season into words and pictures. Love the EB White reference!

  2. You are welcome! The whole of his book of essays is just marvelous. Such a great writer!

  3. Nancy Jordan on said:

    The picture of the tamaric trees and their reflection in the water, is just stunning. A gorgeous time of year. Thank you for sharing your photos.

  4. Alban Richey on said:

    The tamarack, the ‘contrary conifer’ is my favorite. Thank you for a splendid photo!

  5. I know it is called “hackmatack” by Down Easters but love your term even better. Do you see any from your Westview Hill? Thanks for visiting.

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