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Reflecting on Fall

I finally managed to get to a favorite little stream up near Morrisville on Friday. This is a spot I look forward to visiting to every Fall because it is unlike any other place I’ve ever photographed this time of year. I made the photograph above in 2005 at this spot and always enjoy looking at it. Given that, and the thousands of images I’ve made there,  sometimes I think “Why go again?”

But I’m always lured to go and see and, honestly, things are never exactly the same! The water in this spot is shallow and forms astonishing currents and eddies. The trees on the far bank are a mix of hardwoods—ash, red maple, sugar maple and yellow birch—the colors of which are not only spectacular at peak but also in just the right position to reflect off the water. Add some bright blue sky and a few white clouds and I’m in heaven. Plus, it is the kind of place where the only way to get the best images is to wade in the water!


This year my pal Rob and I missed peak by a couple days, and with recent rains the water was a bit high so the patterns were quite different. Instead of being disappointed (which I was!), I decided to just see what was there, to see what I could see, even if different than other years. The subdued colors, the lack of canopy reflections, the water being less reflective—I struggled to see anything I wanted to photograph.


And then…some glimpses, some patterns that “turned me on,” as Dewitt Jones might say, some “maybe this can work” situations. Three hundred images later, I was satisfied—no matter what they ended up looking like when I downloaded them—I’d seen what I’d come to find.

Here are a few more and, peak or not, I hope you agree it was a good day on the stream.


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3 thoughts on “Reflecting on Fall

  1. Karen Dailey on said:

    The last one is a new favorite from me from this very special spot. Thanks for hanging in there when, on first glance, things weren’t quite what you’d hoped for. In the midst of that, you found what was there…waiting for you to learn to see it! Hurrah! Thanks for sharing.

  2. some of your best ‘reflection’ pieces. With fewer colors there’s more definition, more open space. Definitely worth the effort. t

  3. Dale Dailey on said:

    You are so good at capturing the beauty and mood of the season.

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