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No B&W here

While I appreciate the many black and white photography challenges being made on social media these days, it ain’t easy to make even a good B&W, much less a great one. My friend and collaborator Rob Spring, among others, has mastered the transition from the darkroom to digital B&W. His work testifies to the difficulties of seeing past or through the world of color and, after the click of the shutter, to then transform the image into what is envisioned. It is not simple. His superb work on our Langdon Street Alive project, creating large portraits which we pasted on building facades, is a good example of the skill involved. I’ll leave a longer discussion about B&W photography for another day (or two) and move on to my real world—very much  one of full spectrum of colors.


At least 99.9% of the tens of thousands of photographs I’ve made in 50+ years are color. I love seeing my world in full color, whether brilliantly saturated on an overcast day or stripped of brilliance in first or last light. The next several images in my planned “palette” for our upcoming show at the TW Wood Gallery are not even close to black and white.

Can I imagine a world without green? Yes, I can and, in fact, I love the American Southwest where much of the year that color is mostly missing, but I live in Vermont, the Green Mountain State, in large part because green has always been a huge part of my life.


Even our Fall colors pop when there is still a bit of green in the picture. Now that I think of it, maybe my next show will be ALL green and dedicated to Kermit the Frog.


And certainly Spring is all about green. How lovely is this Morning Glory set against a quiet, green background?


No B&W here! Please stay tuned later this week for the next few colors on my world!


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3 thoughts on “No B&W here

  1. Kahn Joyce on said:

    Lovely, John.
    I am a colorist as well. That’s one reason why winter is so difficult here.
    I love the morning glory against the greens. Complements or split complements make the subject pop.

  2. Deborah Leu on said:

    Beautiful – green is great!

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